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Espresso Tasting Set - Insider Tip

| 1kg | Grains
Espresso Geheimtipp beste Bohnen

These espresso varieties are a real insider tip:

Mamis Caffe Espresso Crema
Hardy Caffe Zanzibar
Moka Efti Extra Bar
La Tazza D´Oro Gran Miscela

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Best espresso coffees to try - insider tip! Mamis Caffe Espresso Crema + Moka Efti Extra...plus

Best espresso coffees to try - insider tip!

Mamis Caffe Espresso Crema + Moka Efti Extra Bar + Hardy Zanzibar + La Tazza d'oro Gran Miscela

4 x 250g beans

Best espresso coffees to try - absolute insider tips
4 x 250g beans

Mamis Caffe Espresso Crema - 250g Can Bean

80% Arabica beans I 20% Robusta beans
Typical Italian bar coffee - The interaction of tradition and future-oriented work makes Mami´s Caffe so unique in taste. All varieties have their own ideal degree of roasting, which is responsible for the respective characteristic aroma. Spicy taste, balanced body, a thick crema and a very pleasant full aroma characterize this wonderful espresso. Selected Arabica beans and a small proportion of Robusta beans harmonize perfectly. This blend has enough power and expression for cappuccino and latte macchiato. Also perfect for fully automatic coffee makers.

Moka Efti Extra Bar - 250g bag bean

70% Arabica beans I 30% Robusta beans
This espresso has its origin in the Berlin of the 20s. The Extra Bar blend with a good Robusta bean content can be described as an all-rounder. Composition: 70% Arabica beans I 30% Robusta beans Origin of the beans: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Tanzania, Guatemala Roasting degree: Medium roasting. As espresso very well balanced with beautiful crema and fine fruity acidity as well dosed aromas of dark chocolate. Just strong enough to drink in a cappuccino. Due to the medium roasting, this full-bodied but mild blend can also be enjoyed in a fully automatic machine as Schümli (Caffe Creme). It tolerates the longer processing time without becoming watery or bitter. On the contrary, you can expect a wonderfully long cup that tastes great right down to the last sip. The selected Arabica and Robusta beans are beautifully uniformly roasted and give a good overall picture.

Hardy Zanzibar - 250g bean

70% Arabica beans I 30% Robusta beans
It's the best organic coffee we've had so far. A light brown crema and a scent of freshly cut grass. The whole is accompanied by notes of slightly bitter citrus fruits. This is the result of using only high-quality organic Arabica varieties. A fine acidity, rounded off by a slight sweetness give this coffee a natural elegance. As far as the expressive and complex presence is concerned, however, one can blame the comparatively high proportion of best organic Robusta beans. We were more than convinced by this coffee. Great as espresso and harmonious, full-bodied in cappuccino.

La Tazza d'oro Gran Miscela - 250g bean

70% Arabica beans I 30% Robusta beans
As the name suggests, a great espresso blend. In the Sardinian capital Cagliari, the staff of La Tazza d'oro make sure that only the best green coffees find their way into the pure coffee warehouses. Thanks to the 70% proportion of the finest Arabica beans, this espresso coffee inspires the front part of the tongue with its fruity, finely balanced acidity and its chocolaty note will remain pleasant on the palate for a long time to come. The 30% Robusta beans make the coffee very attractive when it comes to thick crema. Excellent as a base for cappuccino and latte macchiato.

Origin of the green coffees: Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil & India

Type / Nature : Grains
Machine : Machine expresso (avec bras) , Machine automatique
Volume du paquet : 1kg
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Fabricant :

D&S Espresso International GmbH, Liebigstrasse 2-20, 22113 Hamburg, Germany